A key theme of the 2019 Lighthouse Hospital Project National Forum will be sharing and learning from each other’s successes, what has worked well and positive impacts on the patient experience or heart health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Heart Foundation invites you to submit a poster abstract that highlights one special project or initiative that your hospital team is particularly proud of and achieved through the Lighthouse Hospital Project.  

We are seeking especially successful, innovative initiatives or improvements that you wish to share with those attending the forum.

All finalised posters that are submitted will be displayed at the forum. Additionally, successful abstract applicants will be invited to develop and print their poster for display and present on their special project or initiative. We recommend not commencing the development of posters until successful applicants have been notified.

Key Dates

1st March 2019
15th March 2019
19th April 2019

Poster abstracts due
Applicants will be notified of submission outcome
Posters due

More information

For more information about the poster abstract process or requirements,
please email lighthouse@heartfoundation.org.au


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